Doberman Technologies Receives 4th Consecutive Economic Bright Spot Recognition

MASON, MI – Doberman Technologies LLC, a local IT management firm, has been recognized for the 4th consecutive year as a recipient of the Corp! Magazine “Michigan Economic Bright Spot” award. The firm was chosen by Warren, Mich.- based publication for its continued economic growth and reinvestment in Michigan’s economy through expansion, acquisition, and hiring and retention of local talent.

“The team at Doberman is proud to have received the ‘Bright Spot’ for our fourth year running,” said Ian Richardson, founder and CEO of Doberman. “We’re committed to Mason, and Michigan as a whole. We service clients here, we live here, and we raise our families here. It’s great to be a part of Michigan’s booming economy and the overall recovery of the state. We look forward to helping our clients continue their exciting growth into the future.”

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At Doberman we understand that you want to lead your business through growth while remaining profitable and able to deliver on your promises to customers, employees, and your community. In order to do that, you need your technology to work for you, instead of against you. The problem is that you are dealing with an ineffective I.T. partner who doesn’t have a plan to help you, which in turn makes you feel that you can’t trust them to work in your best interest and help you succeed. We believe that all small businesses deserve to have a truly trusting and reliable I.T. partner that turns technology into the wind in their sails that helps propel you to your destination. We understand how missed goals, lack of return on your investment, and out of control costs can cripple a business; we used to have the same problems! That is why we developed the Stress-Free.IT platform to help remove those barriers to success.

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