Keep your network protected.

Your business handles sensitive data that’s critical to the safety of your business, your employees, and the people you serve.

At Doberman Technologies, we provide you the iron-clad security and network protection you need to keep your business safe and compliant with the strict laws and regulations you’re required to follow.

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What is Security?

Unfortunately, the internet is a hub for hackers. Without security for your network, the odds of your system getting tampered with or information being stolen is high, meaning a catastrophe for you.

Our network security services put armor around your network to keep outsiders from getting in.

From antivirus and anti-malware software, application security, cloud security, behavioral analytics, data loss prevention, firewalls, and more, we have comprehensive security processes and tools to keep your network operating at its best.

Am I at Risk?

Is your technology really safe? Is it holding your business back? Take the quiz below to find out.

Key Benefits

  1. Mitigates Risk
    1. Our network security solution will keep your company compliant with business and government regulations, and it will minimize the impact of
      a breach should one occur.
  2. Builds Trust
    1. Security protects your business from the reputational and legal fallout from a system breach. A protected system translates to your team feeling secure in the workplace, which helps your clients feel confident they can trust you.
  3. Protects Information
    1. Your clients and customers rely on you to protect their sensitive information. Your business relies on that same protection, too. Network security ensures the protection of information and data shared across the network.
  4. Encourages an Evolving Workplace
    1. Effective network security provides many levels of protection to scale with your growing business. From allowing employees to work securely from any location, encouraging collaboration with secure network access — network security provides increased opportunity and mobility.

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