Cloud based services

Access your network no matter where you are.

No matter where you are in the world, you can get your work done uninterrupted with the flexibility that cloud-based services provide you. Utilize your applications, store and protect your information, share important documents, and enable secure access from any web-connected device.

Say goodbye to the traditional I.T. environment, where software and hardware were funded up-front and implemented over a period of months. With the power of cloud-based services we can deliver I.T. resources in minutes to hours, aligning costs to actual usage.

As a result your organization can have greater agility and manage expenses more efficiently.

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What are Cloud-Based Services?

Cloud-based services address a variety of application and infrastructure needs such as CRMs, databases, compute, and data storage.

Cloud computing utilizes server and storage virtualization extensively to allocate/reallocate resources rapidly.

It also allows resources to be pooled and shared among multiple users nearly instantaneously.

With the storage capabilities offered by cloud, your possibilities for information gathering, communication, and collaboration becomes freed from the limits of the office.

Am I at Risk?

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Key Benefits

  1. Access Anywhere in the World
    1. The cloud goes with you anywhere you have access to the internet. That means no matter where you are, you can take care of business.
  2. Work Better, Faster, and Save Money.
    1. Cloud services outsource certain ongoing infrastructure investments, meaning you get to lower your overall energy, facility, and infrastructure costs.
  3. Grow Your Business Fast
    1. With Doberman Technologies you have the best engineers available to you at all times, carefully monitoring and managing your networks. With I.T. improving productivity across your organization and with the right tools for your business, your business will be better positioned to achieve your goals.
  4. Enhanced Security and Protection
    1. Cloud services offer increased synchronicity between applications, allowing you to use a strong I.T. strategy that links all of your technology, enhancing security and protection capabilities.

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