Help Desk & Incident Response

If Disaster Strikes, Be Ready to Respond.

At Doberman Technologies, our team understands the risks involved in not having a technology plan to protect your business from disasters like data breaches or malfunctioning software.

We work with you to make sure the different threats to your business are properly identified and prioritized in your technology strategy. We use our trusted partners to make sure your critical technology infrastructure is fully protected. In the event disaster does strike, we have a quick path to recovery based on your unique business needs.

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What is Help Desk & Incident Response?

Help desks are typically focused on end-users of your technology, whereas service desks are focused on internal business issues.

Our integrated tools for both help and service desks will reroute your problems faster to our team at Doberman Technologies. You can easily communicate across departmental boundaries when the whole organization is working in one place.

If an attack is detected or something in your system is malfunctioning, our I.T. engineers and customer support teams will swarm the issue, often resolving it before you realize there was a problem.

Am I at Risk?

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Key Benefits

  1. Enhanced Efficiency
    1. We carefully and critically monitor your systems and networks, catching bugs and fixing issues as soon as we detect them to keep your business operating smoothly.
  2. Seamless Experience
    1. It’s a problem when technology interferes with the relationship between a business and its client/customer. It could mean the difference between a client choosing your company over another. We make sure their experience with your team is as effortless as technology allows for the best possible user experience.
  3. Fast Problem Resolution
    1. Technology problems are part of business. We’re the experts who are familiar with them and that experience is the difference in how we handle them. Our entire company is built around proactive problem solving. We use our experience to anticipate and prepare, often addressing problems before they happen.
  4. Boosted Productivity
    1. When your employees are able to do their work without snags and problems, their productivity increases. With our advanced service desk features we make sure the most important jobs are dealt with first, so that you can maintain productivity.

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When you come to us for Help Desk and Incident Response service, we’ll assess your current technology and we’ll strategically design and implement a plan that empowers your business with the right tools needed to be safely backed up and protected.

Our process ensures that your system is carefully monitored and expertly managed, so that your systems are always reliable and operating.

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