I.T. Compliance

Keep Your Clients Safe, and Your Network Protected.

Your business handles sensitive data that’s critical to the safety of your business, your employees, and your clients.

You have very important information about your company and your clients in your system. That’s why at Doberman Technologies, our team has the knowledge and the processes to create plans that are HIPAA compliant, ITAR compliant, CMMC certified, SEC-compliant, and more.

We take our client’s businesses very seriously, which is why we take the time to ensure that everything we do is legal, compliant, and safe. Our expert cybersecurity team and technology follow proven processes that ensure your information is protected at all costs.

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What is I.T. Compliance?

I.T. compliance services are designed to ensure a company’s technology infrastructure meets regulatory standards, at both national and industry-specific levels.

I.T. compliance services help businesses stay current on the latest regulations and close any gaps in processes, device functionality, and performance. In the event of gaps, we detail necessary changes needed for specific certifications. We can also help you apply for your necessary certifications, reducing stress and tedious work.

I.T. compliance is an integral component of cybersecurity services, protecting businesses from the threat of cybercrime and minimizing any vulnerabilities across company data and devices.

These services go hand in hand with vulnerability assessment services to determine the scope of potential hazards relative to a company’s size, structure, location, and function.

Am I at Risk?

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Key Benefits

  1. Build Trust with Your Customer Base
    1. When you have rock-solid security measures in place, you can be more confident in your business. If you know you’re safe, then customers will feel they can trust you — which means a good reputation for referrals and retention.
  2. Peace of Mind for Your Company
    1. It’s uncomfortable to feel uncertain about your I.T. safety. When you’re handling critical, private information, you want to know with the utmost certainty that the information is safe and protected.
  3. Reduce your Legal Risk & Avoid Future Costs
    1. Legally, there are many compliance laws and regulations that your company must follow, otherwise, you’ll face significant fines outside of your working budget. We’ll make sure your work is safe and compliant.
  4. Regular Audits to Ensure Compliance
    1. We regularly audit your technology to make sure that nothing is slipping through the cracks. We use those audits to actively maintain and update your I.T. infrastructure.

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Make sure that your information is protected no matter what, so you will have peace of mind knowing it’s safe.

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