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Comprehensive I.T. Services

It's what we do

Doberman understands that when
your team can’t work, you can’t work.

Our platform is designed around the people in your business. By valuing the people first, we can ensure your technology is helping your business meet its metrics and achieve its goals.

We work with you to make sure that we have a full understanding of how you use technology, including what pieces of technology are specific to the “secret sauce” that sets you apart from your competition. Then we utilize our expertise, education, and partners to make sure that your technology works for you now and into the future.

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Hardware & Device Services

Our hardware and device engineers have the skills and the experience to install, maintain, and repair your computer systems, networks, and other infrastructure to support line-of-business applications.

We’ll keep your systems up-to-date, performing maintenance to address current software issues and bugs, and to prevent future ones from happening. We’ll be on guard at all times keeping your hardware devices safe and in the best working order.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might be wondering…

What’s the strongest multifactor to use?

Similar to antivirus, the systems and processes AROUND your multifactor software are much more important than the software itself. It is worth noting that having your multifactor send a text message (Or SMS) to your cell phone has well documented security holes, and should NOT be counted as a secure method.

Which Antivirus is the best?

An antivirus, or any security software for that matter, is only as good as the process used to install, configure, and maintain it. Without a plan, the software becomes a false sense of security.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software used by a bad actor to disrupt your ability to use your computer network. The ransomware “encrypts” your data, making it unable to be used for business activity. Typically this is followed by a “ransom” to give you access back to your data.

More than just an I.T. service provider —
We’re your partner.

Don’t let your technology hold you back.

Every minute your business is operating is a minute you’re making money.

When your network crashes and you have 40 employees with 40 computers in your business, the consequence is big: lost money while people are stuck doing nothing, waiting for your system to get fixed.

When your I.T. systems don’t work well your business has to deal with roadblocks to effective communication, tools that don’t work right and costly downtime.

We understand relationships with many I.T. service providers tend to be rigid and the lack of communication creates a lot of uncertainty. You can’t afford to have unreliable technology and an unresponsive I.T. service provider.

At Doberman Technologies we’ve built reliable systems to deliver on our promise to be responsive to your needs.

Mission Critical I.T.

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We deliver reliable, accessible networks and data for businesses to keep their line-of-business applications and communications running smoothly.

Our processes have been tested and proven to ensure your data is backed up, safe, and compliant. We take care of your technology so that you don’t have to.

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Our Values


Believe in a culture of improvement as an organization and individually.

Positive Lens

Choose to view experiences positively to use them constructively.


Create a safe environment where we all succeed and learn to manage.

No finger pointing

Believe in a culture of improvement as an organization and individually.


Choose to view experiences positively to use them constructively.

Campground rules

Create a safe environment where we all succeed and learn to manage.

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